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A complete self-custodial crypto wallet.
Buy, Swap, Staking, Secure BTC
and 10,000+ assets and NFT's. 


Send & Receive Your Favorites Tokens

Easily deposit crypto from exchanges to your wallet; simple, user-friendly. 


Advanced encryption and smart security measures safeguard your digital identity and assets.


Manage digital art within a reliable ecosystem. 

Reclaim Financial Freedom

Buy, send, receive, swap crypto assets and much more in a blockchain wallet hub. 

Perform Swap Among +500 Token Pairs

Diversify your crypto portfolio with reduced fees and instantly transactions.

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Global Collaborations

Expanding Trust and Opportunities Globally


Crypto Made Simple

We transform crypto space to improve your experience. 
Get 24/7 multilingual support for immediate assistance, manage over 10,000 cryptocurrencies
and NFT's collections with advanced encryption security. Klever offers unparalleled accessibility, unmatched security and universal reach. Join a community of 3+ million users in 190 countries. Be part of a vibrant crypto ecosystem.  

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Buy Crypto On-Ramp

Instant transfer fiat to crypto with total protection
and lowest-fees from world-class providers. 

Supported Networks

All blockchains available in Klever Wallet app are also supported by KleverSafe

Bitcoin Wallet Ether WalletKlever Coin WalletBinance WalletBitTorrent Wallet Solana Wallet Cardano Wallet OKB WalletCronos Wallet XMR WalletDevicoin WalletLUNC WalletPepe Wallet DexBet Token USDT WalletUSD Coin Wallet Chainlink Wallet Fantom Coin WalletSushiSwap Token Wallet Stellar WalletQNT WalletPancakeSwap Token Wallet Sui Wallet Reef WalletAAVE Wallet Celestia Wallet Shiba Inu Wallet BLUR Wallet Klever Finance Wallet Litecoin Wallet XRP Wallet DogeCoin Wallet Polkadot Wallet TRONIX Wallet Avalanche Wallet Tezos WalletFloki Wallet Syscoin Wallet $SYS Kusama Wallet $KSM Polygon Wallet The Sandbox Token ($SAND) Wallet  Chiliz Wallet Moonriver ($MOVR) Wallet

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Purchase and Store tokens and NFT's, Swap, Earn and Accumulate Cryptocurrencies. 
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Cryptocurrency Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crypto Wallet?

A crypto wallet is a digital tool for managing cryptocurrencies. It securely stores private keys for access and public keys for receiving funds. Varieties include software, paper, hardware wallet and web wallets, offering different levels of security and convenience. Essential for cryptocurrency transactions, they range from online to offline storage forms.

How a cryptocurrency wallet works?

A cryptocurrency wallet works by storing private and public keys: the private key ensures secure access to funds, while the public key allows receiving transactions. It interacts with the blockchain to enable sending and receiving digital currencies, securely managing and recording transactions, and checking balances within a user-friendly interface.

What can I do with a crypto wallet?

With a crypto wallet, you can securely buy, store, send, swap and receive various cryptocurrencies. It allows you to manage transactions, check balances, and interact with decentralized applications - DApps. It's a must-have digital tool for engaging in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from everyday transactions to long-term investment holdings.

Which coins can I store in a crypto wallet like Klever?

In a crypto wallet like Klever, you can store a variety of cryptocurrencies including popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, as well as many other altcoins and tokens. Check it out all assets you can manage in your Klever Wallet

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