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Why Choose KleverSafe?


Safeguard Against Phishing Attacks
Rest easy with your private keys safely offline, slashing the chances of unauthorized access—fortifying your assets against all forms of cyberthreats.
Self-Custody Powered by Klever Wallet
With Klever Wallet, seamlessly control your KleverSafe, ensuring a fortified and secure crypto management experience.
Heat and Water Resilience
Maximum protection against high temperatures and waterproof for uncompromised security.
Seamless Connectivity
Simply connect, sync effortlessly, no charging needed.
24/7 Support Excellence
Access global, human assistance anytime. How can we help you?
EAL5+ CC Certification Level
Our commitment to security excellence, validated by the stringent Common Criteria Standards.
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Multi-Chain Hardware Wallet

KleverSafe is the only Hardware Wallet you need. Its multichain interoperability provides a complete solution for you to manage all your digital assets at one place.

Transcending beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, KleverSafe offers a robust heaven for a diverse array of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and NFT's. With KleverSafe, you invest in a hardware wallet and safeguard your legacy.

Easy and Ready to Pair: Wireless Connectivity

KleverSafe offers seamless pairing with the Klever Wallet app

through its advanced Bluetooth 5.2 interface,

ensuring a secure and hassle-free wireless connection. 

USB Connection

Powered by a USB Type-C connector, 

KleverSafe facilitates smooth communication

with the Klever Wallet app.

Streamlined execution of cryptographic transactions 

in a click of a button. 


Securing Your Keys, No Matter the Element


KleverSafe's IP67 waterproof build guarantees unwavering safety for your digital assets, offering full defense even in aquatic environments. With this level of protection, your private keys remain secure and intact, even when submerged or exposed to solid intrusions like tools, dust, and dirt.

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Discreet and Sophisticated


Designed for discreet placement, KleverSafe unites sleek aesthetics with high-powered, secure technology.
It's like having the most secure vault at your fingertips. 

KleverSafe FIDO2 Revolutionize Your
Hardware Wallet Security

Master the art of cryptography with FIDO2's versatile authentication - from
single-factor simplicity to robust two-factor and multi-factor defenses.

Supported Assets

All assets available in Klever Wallet app are also supported by KleverSafe

Bitcoin Wallet Ether WalletKlever Coin WalletBinance WalletBitTorrent Wallet Solana Wallet Cardano Wallet OKB WalletCronos Wallet XMR WalletDevicoin WalletLUNC WalletPepe Wallet DexBet Token USDT WalletUSD Coin Wallet Chainlink Wallet Fantom Coin WalletSushiSwap Token Wallet Stellar WalletQNT WalletPancakeSwap Token Wallet Sui Wallet Reef WalletAAVE Wallet Celestia Wallet Shiba Inu Wallet BLUR Wallet Klever Finance Wallet Litecoin Wallet XRP Wallet DogeCoin Wallet Polkadot Wallet TRONIX Wallet Avalanche Wallet Tezos WalletFloki Wallet Syscoin ($SYS) Wallet Kusama Wallet $KSM Polygon Wallet The Sandbox Token ($SAND) Wallet  Chiliz Wallet Moonriver ($MOVR) Wallet
Secure Your Future Now!

Secure Your Future Now

Grow your portfolio with the security of top-tier hardware wallet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Hardware Wallet?

A hardware wallet is a secure physical device that stores cryptocurrencies offline, protecting private keys from online threats. It connects to devices for transactions and requires physical confirmation, offering enhanced security compared to software wallets. KleverSafe is a hardware wallet from Klever Electronics.

2. How to transfer my crypto assets to the KleverSafe?

To transfer assets to Klever Safe, download the Klever Wallet app, sync with your Klever Safe via Bluetooth, and create a new wallet by securely generating a 24-seed phrase. Then simply send assets to the address of your new wallet, now safeguarded by Klever Safe.

3. What is the website for firmware update?

Keep your KleverSafe at the forefront of security and efficiency with the latest firmware updates. Simply head over to update.kleversafe.io for easy access to the newest enhancements. Regular updates ensure your wallet stays ahead in terms of both features and security, giving you peace of mind in your crypto journey.

4. What is FIDO U2F used for?

The FIDO U2F feature on KleverSafe transforms the device into a powerful physical tool for second-factor authentication. This added layer of security means that even if your online credentials are compromised, unauthorized access is prevented without the physical presence of your KleverSafe. It's a simple yet highly effective way to bolster the security of your online accounts.

5. Where can I use KleverSafe as a FIDO U2F device?

KleverSafe's FIDO U2F feature is compatible with a wide range of major websites and applications that support FIDO U2F authentication. This includes popular platforms like Google Suite, Facebook, Dropbox, and any other application compliant with FIDO U2F standards. By using KleverSafe with these services, you enhance your account security with a robust physical authentication layer.

6. Can I use KleverSafe as a FIDO U2F device via Bluetooth interface?

No, the FIDO U2F functionality of KleverSafe is accessible via USB interface only. This feature is designed to ensure a secure and direct connection for your authentication needs, which is currently not supported through Bluetooth.

7. What If I lose my KleverSafe?

If your Klever Safe is lost, keep calm and ensure your private keys or recovery phrases are safe. Purchase a new device from the official store, use your recovery seed to restore your funds, and contact Klever Support if you need help.

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