Devikins Game (DVK)

Moonlabs Studio

Total Pool

20,029,002/20,000,000 KLV





About DVK Token Mining

Devicoin Mining Event Details

  • Users will have to actively burn their KLV through a smart contract on Klever Labs page using a web3 browser;
  • Minimum amount to mine DVK is 1.000 KLV;
  • Maximum amount to mine DVK is 200.000 KLV;
  • Event will be held between July 23rd (Friday - 24h)
  • Mine will be closed as soon as we reach 20M KLV burned.
  • 400M DVK to be distributed among the pool (20 DVK to 1 KLV at max pool);
  • Fixed ratio 20:1;
  • Successful miners will be considered early adopters;
  • They will be eligible for early adopter benefits depicted in the WP.
  • Devikin Statue (Not announced yet) giveaway (Giveaway date TBD)
  • Devicoin distribution to happen on July 29th (Thursday);
  • Klever Exchange list Devicoin on July 29th (Thursday);
  • Exchange Addresses are not eligible for the mining;
  • NFT Characters (DVK as mean to acquire Devikins).
  • Play to Earn model (Play the game to mine new DVK).

Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

What's DVK?

A real crypto currency, which can be traded and withdrawn in the real world, earned by player Devikins, a mobile game with player first mentality. Each character in the game has a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the blockchain. A NFT character gets several features to highlight their uniqueness in the real world that translate as game mechanics in the game. It also has a breeding system that allows users to create stronger characters. It is a utility token used as the main currency of Devikins, although these tokens aren't your ordinary game currency with no real-world value.

Devikins (DVK)


You have the potential of earning real money whilst having fun playing a video game. It is based on a JRPG combat system with twists and unleash the full potential of your characters. The platform has a character marketplace to buy and sell NFT. Players will be able to stake their DVK in the Klever Wallet. Staking returns will be 16% APR initially (within the first month).

Devikins RPG Game

What's Devikins

It is a mobile turn-based role playing game (RPG) mixed with character breeding and caring, all of it fueled by its own crypto token (DVK), used in lieu of non-valued game currency.

DVK Mining FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Devikins game be released?

All information about the project roadmap is in the Whitepaper.

What happens if I submit KLVs out of range or out of date?

Any KLV submitted for the contract is burned immediately but only those who meet the rules requirements will participate in mining. All KLVs submitted outside the rules will not receive DVKs. So read the rules carefully.

Will I receive my KLV again after mining?

No. All KLVs received will be burned immediately, your KLV will be returned in DVK according to the established rules.

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