Privacy Policy

In order to provide you a save crypto trading environment, Klever is obliged by law to request, collect, handle, process, disclose and store your personal data.

In this Privacy Policy we will explain to you why and how we do it.

This Privacy Policy is part of Klever Exchange Terms of Use and by agreeing to our Terms of Use or accessing or using any tool, app, or website part of Klever Ecosystem you are also agreeing to this Policy.

Unless stated otherwise, the terms defined in Klever Exchange Terms of Use shall have the same meaning in this Privacy Policy.

1. What Information We Collect

In general terms we will collect all data related to your identification and transactions in Klever Exchange. This include but is not limited to:

  • Personal data we collect on the creation of your Klever Exchange Account such as: your name, birth date, nationality, full address, contact information, biometric information, passwords, phone number, google authenticator.
  • Regulation data collected due to law requirements including, but not limited to, identity document (passport or other applicable identity document), proof of address, declarations on the source of funds, tax identification number.
  • User data information collected when available to us during your use of Klever Exchange. This information may contain, but is not limited to, access location, date, time, device you are using, operational system and browser, IP address; also funds and trades, account balance, trade history, trade details (orders, prices, withdraws etc.).
  • User communication data (e-mails, requests, attachments) generated between you and Klever may also be collected, used, stored, and disclosed.
  • User data available in public databases such as the information available in public databases, credit bureaus, ID verification partners, blockchain data, analytics, marketing, and advertising partners.

2. How We Collect Your Information

Your data may be collected on a daily basis within your relationship with Klever Exchange. To create a Klever Exchange Account you will provide us with your personal data; when trading your trade data will be made available to us; on our screening process, performed directly by Klever or by its partners. In all these situations your identification data will be collected by us. Depending on specificities of the market, we may use other ways of collecting your data such as specific forms or questionaries that may presented to you. We may also use cookies to identify and differentiate you from other users on the site (cookies may be blocked or managed by you. See more about cookies at

3. Why We Collect Your Information

Klever Exchange will use your information to be compliant with applicable laws and regulations, to verify your identity and to provide you better services.

Due to legal and systemic obligations and requirements, Klever Exchange cannot allow the use of its trading platform without properly identifying you or keeping track of your trades and all communication exchanged between you and Klever Exchange.

Thus, user data is collected in order to guarantee and improve general quality and safety of our services. The monitoring and analysis of your trading activity will be the basis for investigation of suspicious activities and suspicious behaviors in order to avoid frauds to our system and to your account. Also, we may use your IP address and cookies in order to improve efficiency of such tools.

In order to guarantee a safe environment in Klever Exchange, your personal data such as your mobile phone number and e-mail will be collected and used to establish safe communication, login, trades, and login mechanisms. Also, all data exchanged between you and Klever may be kept as evidence regarding legal or contractual obligations.

Your data will be used to the activities that include but are not limited to:

  • Register you as a Klever user and administer your access to Klever Exchange environment.
  • Process trade orders and transfer orders.
  • Contact you, due to any aspect of your relationship with Klever, or about your use with Klever, by e-mail, letter, SMS, or telephone.
  • Provide, deal, and administer to you any service available in Klever Exchange.
  • Marketing purposes (advertising and promotional information) relating to Klever Exchange or third-party organizations with which we may cooperate.
  • Due Diligence, “screening” or background checks required by Klever internal compliance policies or legal obligations that may be applicable.
  • To actively prevent or investigate frauds, illegal activities, misconduct, or other investigative processes requested by internal compliance policies, law, court orders, judicial orders, or regulatory requirements or to or support court orders, judicial orders, regulatory requirements, or other investigations.
  • To perform customer research aiming at improving quality of services and your user experience.
  • To process any referral program, we may offer now or in the future in which you decide to take part.
  • For other purposes that do not appear above with your consent if such consent is required by law.

4. How We Store and Protect Your Information

Klever Exchange has professional processes in place in order to collect, store and process your personal information in the most secure way, taking all possible measures to avoid unauthorized access or any kind of unauthorized manipulation of your personal data. All sensitive traffic of data between Klever Exchange and you will be performed through secured channels, encrypted and protected with the most up to date technology following industry standards and all other security measures possibly applicable, including all digital safety measures and physical safety possibilities.

In such way, all proprietary or third-party systems and locations used to store your information such as computers or any storage media are located in safe, restricted and locked locations and only specific and authorized employees are allowed to have contact with this information after accepting to comply with internal rules regarding the confidentiality of your personal information.

By agreeing to the Terms of Use and related policies such as this Privacy Policy you acknowledge and agree that your personal information may be stored in locations different from those of your residence or nationality due to technical, managerial or legal reasons.

Also, it is important to highlight that even with all due diligence, efforts, and tools we use, it is impossible to guarantee a completely invulnerable environment for digital information. In this sense we stress the relevance of a responsible behavior regarding your personal data and information and request you to contact our Klever Help Center, after blocking you’re your account, if you suspect that your personal information has been compromised (account, login, password). By agreeing to this Policy, you understand, acknowledge and agree that we shall not be liable for data leakage or losses, included but not limited to hacker attacks, technical failures or problems of similar nature in the limits of the law.

5. Anti-Money Laundering Policy: Know Your Client, Counter the Financing of Terrorism and Other Compliance Verifications (AML Policy)

Klever Exchange provides a safe Crypto-to-Crypto trade platform. Part of Klever Exchange excellence comes from its due diligence in providing high quality services and complying with Financial Compliance rules and controls.

In this sense, Klever has an AML Policy in place and sets minimum standards of Users identification and monitoring. This document states Klever Exchange Policy regarding Anti-Money Laundering, Counter the Financing of Terrorism and Know Your Client.

Klever Exchange has an AML Team lead by its AML Officer, that is responsible for:

  1. Establishing and maintaining manuals and procedures to manage general AML and terrorist financing risks of Klever Exchange users; these documentation takes into consideration market standards and are structured by using a Risk Based Approach.
  2. Structuring an efficient identity collection and verification program, performed internally or by a third-party service provider, including an in-depth due diligence process to verify users that may demand enhanced identification procedures (for example: to identify Politically Exposed Person, Person included in international sanctions lists etc.).
  3. Defining, establishing, and maintaining internal policies and procedures to monitor user activity and report, internally or to competent authorities, suspicious activities.
  4. Monitoring and reviewing transactions in order to identify suspicious activities.
  5. Train, inform and keep all relevant employees aware of all related policies, procedures, legislation, regulations, rules, and all relevant industry guidance.
  6. Establishing applicable procedures for keeping records of relevant data for legally prescribed periods.

It is important to highlight that all Users will be identified with the use of valid identity and proof of address documentation as state in our Terms of User, Data Privacy Policy, and related documentation.

Klever Exchange takes compliance seriously, will take into consideration industry standards and will always comply with applicable legislation.

6. Other Information

You have the right to access all personal information you have shared with us, to correct or complete such information if inaccurate, to erasure it or to request it to be erased. Fees may be charged and some of these rights may be limited to specific and reasonable situations.

Under certain circumstances, as required by law or as specifically reminded by us, you have the right to request us to restrict or block the processing of your personal information. You acknowledge and agree that such right and request may legally forbid us from granting you access to part or to all our services.

Klever Exchange will provide you with a specific channel to communicate with us regarding any complaint about the way we deal with your personal data. You may also contact Klever Help Center that is a 24/7 support tool to address any concerns and questions that may arise from your relationship with Klever Exchange and with any other tool of Klever Ecosystem. In this sense you acknowledge and agree that all issues you may have with Klever should first be brought to us through this channel and also that you will always act and negotiate in good faith whenever there is an issue to be dealt with between Klever Exchange and you. Klever will always act in good faith to achieve a good negotiated solution.

By agreeing with this Privacy Policy you declare and agree that you understand that part of you personal information may processed to become anonymized data and that such anonymized data is not protected under this Privacy Policy or legal parameters of data protection.

You declare and agree that by using Klever Exchange, its app or website, or any other tool part of the Klever Ecosystem you are accepting this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use and any other applicable policy; that you are aware that you may withdraw any consent or authorization to collect, use or store your, personal data and that we will accept your request unless not possible under law or regulations applicable; and, that as result of processing your request we may become unable to provide you access to Klever Exchange or other tools part of Klever Ecosystem.

Klever reserves the right to make modifications, change, update, revise, suspend or modify this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in Law or international and market practices. In this sense we recommend that you regularly review this Policy after being notified of any changes. You must terminate your Klever Exchange Account in case you do not agree to the amended Policy.