• Asset Management
    & Portfolio Planning
    Klever is an advanced Asset Management
    and Portfolio Planning tool that helps
    wealth owners have a clearer picture of
    their assets and accounts.

How it Works

All your assets in one location.

Asset Management

Document Exchange Management

Advanced Notification Mechanism


Asset Management

Consolidate all your
assets in one location.

Klever is capable of downloading data automatically from thousands of financial institutions as well as import accounting data in order to make data entry easy and fast.

Document Exchange Management

Exchange documents and
questions in a safe environment.

Instead of using e-mail to exchange documents, Klever offers a secure alternative:
you can exchange documents and questions with service providers and clients,
depending on the application, in a safe environment.

Advanced Notification

Stay on the top of your data.

Klever will help you stay on the top of your data, by sending notifications when new actions
are taken or when documents are bound to expire. Notifications include:

Complete Log Access

E-mail and SMS

Automated Phone Calls


High-grade encryption to protected your data.

Klever uses high-grade encryption and techniques to protected you data and privacy. Contact us to have a better understanding of the technology that we use.

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