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Be your own bank with Klever. Take full control of your crypto assets. Compatible with leading blockchains, tokens, and NFTs like BTC, ETH, POLYGON, BSC, and more.

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The Klever Wallet goes beyond being a basic wallet. It's your All-In-One Crypto asset hub.



Elevate your crypto experience to the next level with the Klever Wallet Browser Extension.



Looking for ultimate security? Discover Klever Safe, our exclusive hardware wallet.

Easy to Use

Unlock the Power of Crypto: Join 4 million users from 190 countries who've discovered the magic of Klever Wallet—where cutting-edge meets user-friendly, all at your fingertips.

Perform cross-chain swaps safely and quickly.


Elevate your cross-blockchain transactions with unmatched security and efficiency—experience the gold standard you rightfully deserve.

easy tracking your portifolio

Portfolio Tracking

Stay ahead of the game with real-time insights into your digital assets' value and performance.

Klever wallet portfolio tracking
Secure staking and earning rewards.

Boost Your Profits Through Staking

Earn rewards and generate passive income by staking your cryptocurrencies.

support to multiple wallet accounts.

Multiple Accounts

Effortlessly manage, send, and receive crypto across multiple accounts.

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Swap Center

Elevate your crypto experience to VIP status with Klever's Swap Center. Imagine effortlessly swapping your digital assets in a flash, having real-time updates on your trades, and getting clued in on what's trending—all while enjoying peace of mind with our iron-clad security. Plus, our handy guide is there to demystify any questions you have. Fast, secure, and oh-so-easy—it's the trading platform you've been waiting for.

No signup required / No KYC required

Compare, Click, and Conquer: Secure your Crypto at the Best Prices

Experience unbeatable rates from industry-leading providers on a global scale. It's crypto shopping made not just easy, but in a Klever way.

Pancake Swap dapp Aave market dapp. Sushi swap dapp. Uni swap dapp. 1Inch Swap Blur NFT

Use your favorite dApps

Access your favorite dApps with the unmatched reliability and speed of Klever Browser, all within your Klever Wallet.

Download Klever Wallet

Compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, KleverChain, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi wallets/accounts.

• DeFi • Dex • Gaming • Metaverse • Web3 • NFTs •

• DeFi • Dex • Gaming • Metaverse • Web3 • NFTs •

Tokens and NFTs, all in one place!

Klever Wallet supports major blockchains with Over 10,000+ Crypto tokens and NFTs collections.

Crypto at your fingertips: Dive into the world's leading blockchains, NFT collections, and over 10,000+ tokens all through Klever Wallet. From BTC and ETH to POLYGON, BSC, LTC, and beyond—customize your Klever experience by adding specific tokens via smart contracts. Your crypto universe, just the way you like it.

"I've tried many wallets, but Klever is a game-changer. It's user-friendly and makes managing my crypto a breeze. Love the staking options!"

Beth Smith

"Switched to Klever a few months ago and haven't looked back. It's like having a crypto command center in my pocket."

Joshua Harris

Feel the pulse of Klever Community

Join the Momentum: 4 Million Downloads and Counting! Elevate your crypto journey with a community that's setting new standards. Don't get left behind!

Your Voice, Our Drive: Every update and innovation at Klever is fueled by what matters most—your feedback. Be heard, be part of the change!





*Ratings represent the newest version of the wallet, only.

"Switched to Klever a few months ago and haven't looked back. It's like having a crypto command center in my pocket."

Joshua Harris


Klever Wallet is now available in your browser!

Compatible with Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera and more!

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Looking for Extra Security?

Discover Klever Safe: Store your keys offline using Klever's Hardware Wallet

The integrated Hardware Wallet you've been waiting for. Waterproof for unbeatable durability, an intuitive interface for effortless use, and ironclad security to safeguard your digital treasures. Welcome to the next level of crypto protection.


What is Klever?

Klever is your secure gateway to decentralized finance, built on the lightning-fast Klever Chain. From blockchain gaming and NFTs to top-tier security with Klever Safe, we offer an all-in-one platform for financial freedom. Seamlessly access your favorite dApps and control your own financial destiny. With Klever, your limitless financial future is in your hands.

What is Klever Wallet?

Klever is more than just a cryptocurrency wallet; it's your secure and efficient gateway to the decentralized universe. With a broad array of services—from digital asset swaps to staking and DApp access—we're redefining what a blockchain platform can do for you.

What is Klever Blockchain?

KleverChain is a blockchain platform that simplifies smart contract development with ready-to-use KApps and APIs, offering everything from digital assets to NFT marketplaces. With features designed to slash costs and save time, it's a one-stop solution for DApp developers.

What is the KLV Coin?

KLV coin in the Klever main utility token - $KLV. KLV is used for all transaction fees, validator staking, validator rewards, delegation, minting and transfers assets on KleverChain, infusing credibility, accountability, flexibility and independence for Klever and its users worldwide.

Where to buy KLV?

Acquire $KLV effortlessly through Klever Wallet's Buy Crypto center, accepting credit, debit, and location-based bank transfers. For quick swaps, visit our Swap Central. Alternatively, find $KLV on top trading platforms. Your options are as diverse as they are convenient.

Here's where you can find $KLV listed:

The power of choice is entirely in your hands! Choose the payment method that best suits you, and get started with Klever Wallet today!

What is the KFI Token?

Discover $KFI, Klever's governance token, giving you control over protocol settings and new app approvals. Make decisions through on-chain voting and shape the future of decentralized finance with Klever.

How to integrate with Klever Blockchain?

Are you a developer interested in building on KleverChain?

Visit docs.klever.finance to explore our integration options and learn how to enhance your crypto asset development experience.

Where can I find the Klever documentation?

You can find all documentation and Klever whitepapers on:



Dive into our comprehensive whitepapers for all the in-depth information you could ever need. Take a moment to explore these resources and feel free to deep-dive into everything that Klever has to offer. Your journey into the decentralized world just got a whole lot more insightful.

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