How to use DASH ($DASH) wallet on Klever Wallet app?

  • 1. Buying DASH ($DASH) on Klever Wallet

    Our secure crypto wallet offers a wide variety of popular payment methods, enabling you to buy $DASH and kick-start your journey towards crypto portfolio growth.

  • 2. Receiving DASH ($DASH) in Your Self-Custody Wallet

    Get ready to receive $DASH, whether it's from a friend, a payment for a service, or a transfer from another exchange. With Klever Wallet, the process is straightforward and secure.

  • 3. Sending DASH ($DASH) with Klever Wallet

    Use our secure, easy-to-use platform to send $DASH to anyone, anywhere in the world. Whether they're on Klever, another exchange, or a service provider accepting $DASH, with Klever Wallet, peer-to-peer transfers are simple, secure, and swift.

  • 4. Swapping DASH ($DASH) on the DASH Blockchain

    Enjoy the flexibility to seamlessly swap your $DASH directly with the DASH blockchain. From $DASH to any other supported token and back again, take charge of your crypto asset management without leaving the comfort of your Klever Wallet.

  • 5. Staking DASH ($DASH) for Crypto Portfolio Growth

    While Klever Wallet currently does not offer staking for $DASH due its consensus mechanism, we provide a wide range of staking opportunities to maximize your investment potential. Explore our platform to discover the various tokens you can stake and earn rewards with today. Get started now!


  • 6. Using DASH ($DASH) in the Web 3 Klever Browser

    The Web 3 Klever Browser isn't just a browsing tool—it's your gateway to the decentralized web and dApps. Use your $DASH to interact with the blockchain in innovative ways. Purchase goods, engage with dApps, and experience the future of the internet—all from your Klever Wallet.

  • 7. DASH Wallet: Boost your crypto Portfolio with Klever Referrals

    Grow your crypto portfolio even further with the Klever Referral Program. Invite friends to join the Klever community and earn rewards. Your friends get a secure, self-custody wallet for managing their crypto, and you get rewarded.

  • 8. DASH Keys and KleverSafe

    Your security is our priority. That's why we've integrated KleverSafe into our platform, providing an extra layer of protection for your DASH Keys. With Klever Wallet, managing your $DASH is not just easy and flexible—it's also safe and secure.

Start using $DASH on the Klever Wallet app today!

$DASH Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DASH ($DASH)?

DASH Coin, also known as $DASH,  is a hard fork of Bitcoin, running on its own blockchain, designed for fast, low-cost transactions with added privacy features. Widely accepted by merchants, it's ideal for everyday payments.


2. How does Klever Wallet streamline $DASH management?

Klever Wallet offers a comprehensive solution for $DASH management. Balance monitoring, transactions, and asset security, all in one user-controlled platform.

3. What can I do with $DASH in a Wallet app?

With Klever Wallet, you can buy, send, receive, swap, and store $DASH tokens. It's your complete hub for $DASH management.

4. Can I stake my $DASH tokens?

While Klever Wallet currently does not offer staking for DASH, we do provide extensive support for $DASH transactions and secure storage. In addition, we offer a wide range of opportunities for other prominent PoS tokens. Check it out!

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Klever Wallet is Redefining Financial Freedom for You

Experience the next level of crypto management with the Klever Wallet – where cutting-edge security meets intuitive design. Seamlessly transact, track, and secure your digital assets while enjoying a range of exclusive benefits.

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Online Support

Benefit from speed-fast, 24/7 online support in multiple languages, acting as your personal wallet concierge for seamless, stress-free interactions.

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Enjoy complete anonymity with our privacy features, ensuring your financial life remains your own, untouched and unseen.

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Experience unbreakable security that guards your assets like a digital fortress, giving you the confidence to transact freely.


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Stake and Earn

While Klever Wallet doesn't support staking for $DASH, it does offer staking opportunities for a variety of other promising tokens. This includes a range of options that cater to different blockchain projects, providing competitive returns. Keep an eye out for future updates and consider exploring the existing staking options to maximize your investments in the blockchain space.

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Buy & Sell Crypto

Diversify Your Portfolio: Purchase DASH and 20+ other assets with your bank card. Enjoy the convenience of USD, EUR, and multiple local currency support worldwide.

We're always adding new, cutting-edge features to enhance your Klever Wallet experience

What is $DASH?

Dash is a cryptocurrency designed for fast, low-cost, and private transactions. Created as a Bitcoin fork, employs masternodes for its decentralized governance. $DASH is increasingly accepted by merchants globally, being ideal for everyday payments, combining speed, privacy, and versatility.

What is a DASH wallet?

A DASH wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to manage their $DASH. It enables users to buy, receive, send, swap, and store $DASH securely and efficiently.

How does a DASH wallet work in a Klever Wallet?
In Klever Wallet, a $DASH wallet is your all-in-one crypto management platform. Here's what you can do:
Seamless Transactions

Engage directly with the Dash Blockchain for seamless sending and receiving of $DASH, all within Klever Wallet.

Security Protocols

Rest assured your digital assets are protected by state-of-the-art security features, guarding against unauthorized access and potential vulnerabilities.

Asset Management

Easily track your $DASH holdings and manage your crypto portfolio with Klever's user-friendly interface.

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Store, Manage & Unlock the Power of DASH in Klever Wallet

Why compromise? Get the best of both worlds: Klever Wallet provides advanced features and top-notch security for your DASH.

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